about-multiaquaSetting new industry standards is what we do best.

At Multiaqua, our commitment to creating innovative air conditioning products has made us one of the most respected organizations in the industry. From concept to market, Multiaqua takes a hands-on approach to ensure that each and every step meets our stringent standards of quality, durability and dependability.

All Multiaqua products are designed with the future in mind. That’s why all air conditioning chiller products are flexible, which makes it easy to adapt to virtually all kinds of building applications.

Whether it’s residential or commercial air conditioning needs, Multiaqua has the product to meet or exceed all expectations.


Manufacturing Excellence

Our belief in quality is more than just a practice, it is something we take great pride in.

Our quality management system is integrated with international quality requirements of ISO 9002. That is why some of the biggest OEM names in the air conditioning industry use Multiaqua chiller products in their units. In fact, Multiaqua chillers were part of air conditioning systems that won first place awards in the Quality Home Comfort Awards Competition, which was created to honor the best in residential comfort system design and application.

Our products are tested and built to U.L Standard 95, latest version and AHRI standards: the most respected and stringent in the world.


Experience The Future

At Multiaqua, we invite you to come experience the future of air conditioning and see why more and more companies are discovering the new standard of air conditioning excellence. By combining cost effectiveness, innovation, and quality, Multiaqua will continue to provide air conditioning products that will be the most sought after in the world.


Employment Opportunities at Multiaqua

We occasionally have job openings at Multiaqua. If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please send your Resume to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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